spHaus, Kaar
Setzu e Shinobu Ito, 2005

Kaar is a contemporary version of the classic etagere. Made up of curved plywood units with a scratchproof textured lacquer finish, assembled together by means of a free “boneless” rotating joint allowing the utmost flexibility in use and appearance. Available in two and three module versions.

Download 3D models from Hotfile (reupload)


  1. Thanks for Update!!! =)

    This is some of missing...
    Porro, Chiku
    Arketipo, Zen
    Cor, Quant Chair
    spHaus, Black Betty Chair
    Zanotta, Comacina
    Dietiker, Genio Lounge Chair
    Dietiker, Genio Lounge Sofa
    Vitra, Stool
    BB, Landscape
    Zanotta, Quaderna Writing Desk
    Swedese, Accent Table
    Vitra, Cork Family

    If find somemore tell you.
    Thanks again!

  2. thanks. it helps to reupload models )))