Little tip #2. Targeting Vray lights
Hi, all. Today i want to show how to make targets for VRay lights.
When working with studio lighting, moving lights becomes very important thing. You can do many adjustments to create different shadows, reflections or defining object form in some special way.
To make all this tweaking much easer, you can make targets for VRay lights like for cameras or standart Max targeted lights. It took only few steps but can save much time later when you start adjusting light scenario in your scene.

Download video from Hotfile

Ps. would be nice if you guys make some comments about video quality, speed of working and so on, to help me make next video better. 


  1. Thanks, use that trick a long time. =)
    Will be useful to those who do not know.

    Speed of video good, quality would lift that would be visible numbers and letters and change proportions to 16:10. =)

  2. I think it would be better to upload the videos on a site like vimeo or youtube instead of uploading them on a file server. Maybe it's just me though.
    A script to make things a little bit easier can be found at:
    BTW thanx for everything!

  3. the good things about little tips, is that i learn too )) thanks ilias, nice script