Cor, Quant bar stool
Gabriele Assmann, Alfred Kleene, 2008

From a good family, ideal for the residential and property segment: the fully upholstered bar stool QUANT combines the comfortable qualities of seating furniture with the delicate appearance of a stool. the refined furniture with a T-shaped footrest rests on a swivel plate in laquer tones or chrome. There is a choice of variants with and without height adjustment.

Download 3D model from Uploading


  1. thank you man you are so graceful and generous

  2. "File removed because of abuse or deleted by owner"
    Why's that?
    Thanx for all your models so far!

  3. link is fine. i check. try more. if you cant downloading again, make another comment and i reupload on another server.

  4. ok! i tried again and this time the link worked just fine! thanx one more time! keep up the good work!
    p.s. a small request though... is it possible at some time to upload the model of your studio setup? i'm more interested in the max+vray version. it looks so nice!