Foscarini, Le Soleil
Vicente Garcia Jimenez, 2009

Suspended architecture that recalls the outline of the Guggenheim Museum in New York; this is the first impression of Le Soleil, Foscarini's new lamp designed by Vicente Garcia Jimenez. Its important volume is made lighter and enlivened by its asymmetric bands, which play a leading role in diffusing the beam of light.

Thanks to their opacity, the bands act as reflective surfaces on the inner side facing upwards and, at the same time, focus the light directly onto the surface below, producing a soft, delicate visual effect.

The extremely diffused lighting created by the interplay of light and shade, is underlined by the colour variations of Le Soleil. The colours strongly characterise the lamp and define its plastic form making a strong visual statement and furnishing both homes and contract spaces with expressive impact.

Download 3D model from Uploading


  1. which kind of light did you use

  2. vray light for global lighting and Vraylight mat for other lights

  3. can you share this model with studio
    or some screen shot
    bcs presentation of this model is unbelievable
    simply amazing
    thanks for all great models