Cor, Clou
Wulf Schneider and partner

CLOU – thr module and sofa programme featuring a multitude of possibilities and a clear simplicity of system. Single armchair variants, reading furniture, communication groups and of course the classical two-seaters or multiple-seaters — here you have the full spectrum of creative interior architecture. The basic element is a cube-shaped stool, two cubes create a bench seat, three form a sofa and four cubes can already go to make an element group.
Planning with Clou is even simpler when you use the bench seats as two, three or four-seaters. These are then combined with the corresponding backrest elements, attached with just one bracket per backrest. Applied either as module programme with individual cubes or as sofa programme with complete bench seats and backrest elements, Clou is always (re)combinable, always surprisingly new. The range is completed by occasional tables and table-tops that can be attached to the furniture.

Download 3D model from Sharingmatrix or Rapidshare

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