LOAD little tip #1

New category started on LOAD — Little tips. Here i make some short advices that can helps you in your everyday work.
The first one dedicated to one 3ds Max problem — increasing file size and saving time on some scenes, even in a very small ones.

Some time ago i find that some of my scene create big .max files. Working in this scenes becomes very slow, saving took sometimes more than 5 minutes. So i decide to fix it. First i merge geometry from bad files to clear scene, but it do not help. More than that, absolutely clear scenes becomes slow and big like the bad ones. Even if i delete all geometry, .max file stay almost the same size. After some searching i find this article on Autodesk site. Download script, run it and realize that this method do not work for me. 

After many attempts i finaly find the solution. For some reasons 3ds Max save information about some kind of collision in Reactor utility, even if you do not use it. So if you see numbers like on a picture bellow, click "Clear" button and be happy.

Hope it helps. More tips coming soon.


  1. Recently I had problems with increasig filesizes.
    My problems were solved by using the "FILE\NEW\KEEP OBJECTS" command in MAX.
    I haven't checked if this command flushes the reactor stuff memory thing.
    But, thanks for the tip and the wonderfull models.



  2. Anonymous24.3.11

    Welcome back, I love your models. Looking forward for the next tips, possibly for cinema 4d too :)

  3. Hi, Dacian. I never work in C4D, and do not plan actually. So its hard for me to make any tips for this ))

  4. Thanks! Welcome back!:)

  5. You are Back!!! Thanks!
    I like you job!

  6. This is not a little tip... is the biggest!!!
    Your blog is awesome! Keep posting!

  7. best tip of the year

    i lost faith about this problem i had but you solved it

    wait to see more ;)

  8. It solves my problem and is really a great help to me!! Thank you so much!!

  9. hey thanks for the tips,, the size of the file decreased yes,,, but its still takes more than 5 minutes to save the 3D max file,, what problem do i have? can u tell me please :)

  10. Oh my god your a king, thank you sooo much, you saved my life and my job :)